Lynk & Co Brand Analysis & Creative Strategy

Lynk & Co wants to own mobility by having a different business model of sustainable automobile ownership that you can rent month by month. They want to create a community and flag to fly under. I gave them an in-depth Brand Audit, Brand Strategy and Strategic Direction.

kfc lick-2-win

We decided to bring KFC’s famous 1956 slogan, “Finger Lickin Good” into the digital age in a fun engaging promotion.

veet – femme fatale

Veet is often seen as a mundane yet necessary beauty routine. We turned this notion on its head by evoking a touch of glamour and showing the confidence it brings all women.

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toyota suv range – because

Rolling out across Europe, the ‘Because’ platform comprises four individual campaigns to promote all four of Toyota’s leading SUV models, including the Land Cruiser, the Hilux, as well as its Hybrid SUVs C-HR and RAV4. The targeted communications platform plays on personal and real-world barriers that stop people living their lives to the full, and… Continue reading toyota suv range – because

mcdonald’s – monopoly

Working on the world’s largest promotion was a WIN-WIN situation. We added a twist to the long-running campaign that meant you would always win. work cooked up for TMSW London


Persil is tough on stains, but selling washing powder isn’t seen as particularly exciting. So we added a touch of magic and made Mum centre stage. work magic-up for TMW London

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