OLA – Water Games

Ola (Unilever Ice Cream) wanted mothers to know that water-based ice creams are a healthier choice for their children, as children are the main drivers in the selection of ice cream. The challenge was to generate a positive brand perception among children. How? Children know everything is more fun with water, so we decided to… Continue reading OLA – Water Games

mcdonald’s – monopoly

Working on the world’s largest promotion was a WIN-WIN situation. We added a twist to the long-running campaign that meant you would always win. work cooked up for TMSW London

the art of seduction

The world’s oldest advertising association, VEA, wanted to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The concept: “The Art of Seduction. How advertising moves you” was created to showcase the smartest, funniest, most moving and scariest examples of the last fifteen years of Dutch advertising creativity. They were brought together in eight spectacular themed spaces (Beauty, Laughter, Tears, Fear,… Continue reading the art of seduction