OLA – Water Games

Ola (Unilever Ice Cream) wanted mothers to know that water-based ice creams are a healthier choice for their children, as children are the main drivers in the selection of ice cream. The challenge was to generate a positive brand perception among children. How? Children know everything is more fun with water, so we decided to organise a huge water fight. We invited schools to this fun competition and sought joint promotion with a children’s TV station for extra exposure.

The OLA Water Games. A swimming pool full of games inspired by the Olympic Games and props inspired by OLA ice creams. Water was central in the 360-degree integrated campaign with an extensive media mix. The primary media were tv commercials and tv programs, in cooperation with Nickelodeon. They were supported by a wide range of below-the-line media, such as POS materials, product packaging, and material for swimming pools: stickers, banners, flags, underwater ads and inflatable products.

The results were astonishing: our commercial reached 1.2 million children (84,2%), and 23.7% of the mothers. Our promos reached 71.7% of the children, the final on TV reached 45.6%, and the TV program more than 700,000 kids. Our website reached nearly 100,000 unique visitors with half a million page views in 3 days. We got free publicity on several major TV shows and in magazines. The Ola market share increased by 54.1%.

Created for McCann Amsterdam